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UV Light System Kill Bacteria In My Water

Ultraviolet Systems

Pura Ultraviolet is a safe, clean, easy-to-maintain method of assuring that water is free of bacteria. It is a proven technology that has no significant drawbacks. In some applications, its initial cost is a bit more than chlorination, but because of its low operating cost, it quickly pays for itself. It is environmentally friendly and essentially trouble-free.

Most ultraviolet water treatment systems require only an annual change of lamp—as simple as changing a light bulb—and a periodic change of filter cartridges if the unit has accompanying filters.

Ultraviolet Systems | Pura UV-Three includes filtration & disinfection in one. Water passes through a sediment filter, 10 micron carbon block filter, and UV lamp filtering the water of sediment and removing unwanted heavy metal and a large variety of chemicals and metals and then kills bacteria & viruses.

Details:  The patented PURA UV20 Series is designed to provide disinfected
water at a flow rate of 8-10 gallons per minute. This system is ideal for whole house water treatment. In addition to disinfections, the double and triple models provide filtration for the removal of sediment and chemical contaminants. The whole house UV disinfections system makes a perfect companion to water softeners, distillers, reverse osmosis and ozone systems. The UV20 system ensures the elimination of microbiological contaminants.

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