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SoftPro® Pura Optimus High Efficiency Water Softener
SoftPro® Pura Optimus High Efficiency Water Softener
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SoftPro® Pura Optimus High Efficiency Water Softener

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Compared to other standard water softeners, The Softpro® Premiere Pura Optimus Series on Demand Upflow Water Softener is the best 3/4″ high efficiency and performance water softener on the market. With Flow Rates up to 21 Gallons per Minute, the Pura Optimus uses upflow regeneration saving you on salt and waste water!


  • Save 75% on Salt Costs and 64% on Waste Water Costs. 
  • SoftPro® Pura Optimus on Demand control valve 3/4” connections and bypass valve are included.
  • Electronic sensors, adjustable cycles, and proven spacer and seal design. 
  • True 3/4” porting design
  • 7 Year Control Valve Warranty and Lifetime on Mineral and Brine Tank
  • Soft Water Recharge Mode ensure soft water during usually heavy water usage
  • Upflow Brine calculates the precise amount of salt brine Solution required to regenerate saving up to 75% more salt than most other systems.
  • Reserve Automatically adjusts based on your usage.
  • Automatic Backwash Variable Preset for clean municipal water by matching backwash frequency to water quality needs saving you hundreds to thousands of gallons of water annually.
  • Soft Water Brine Tank Refill keeps the brine tank and injectors cleaner.
  • Quick Connect features on bypass, drain line, and power cord. Making installation easy.
  • Engineered and assembled in the U.S.
  • 8 Percent crosslink resin