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How to treat my Well Water

By Craig Phillips June 03, 2018 0 comments

While most private wells provide water that is safe and good quality, many private well owners may have one or more water quality problems. Some are very noticeable. Other problems, particularly those that are health related, generally require testing from a lab to detect them. The search for ways to improve water quality can be challenging. This article goes over options for improving private well water quality, including water treatment methods.
Typical amounts of most impurities are not considered harmful to health, but private well owners may find some of the non-health related problems to be a problem and not tolerable. High iron for example, can stain laundry and fixtures too much water hardness can cause scale to build up in water heater and plumbing, scaling and causing water spots on fixtures, glass ware and shower doors.
Improving water quality is more serious if the water contains contaminants that pose a health concern such as metals like lead or arsenic, pesticides or VOCs, coliform or ecoli bacteria, viruses, nitrates. While private well owners are under no obligation to correct water quality problems, safe drinking water standards are good guidelines for homeowners to determine whether their private well water is safe to drink.
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