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SoftPro® Smart Home+ Water Softener & Whole House Carbon Filter with DROP Technology [CITY]

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Why Get The Smart Home+ Water Softener & Whole House Carbon Filter Package?

It's simple... Just check out the video.

Comprehensive Innovation

The Complete Home Water System

Integrating whole house carbon filtration
with high-efficiency water softening

Water Softener Package Includes:

  •  Advanced combination water softener & carbon filtration treatment tank
  •  Smart Home+ Hub by Drop
  •  Remote Low Salt Sensor by Drop
  •  The Free Bonus Kit
SoftPro Smart Home Drop Package.jpg__PID:0eacc5db-9734-4ab2-9394-7d34383a46c2

+ Plus the Free Bonus Kit (a $400+ Value):

Drop Quick-Connect Hoses.png__PID:6218e4bc-c106-4d1b-a02a-a6f38f87abb2

1)  DROP Smart Network Hub

Drop Quick-Connect Hoses.png__PID:6218e4bc-c106-4d1b-a02a-a6f38f87abb2

2)  Remote Hub Extender & Quick Shut-Off Control

3)  Remote Leak Detectors (2 units)

Neoprene tank cover top zipper.png__PID:780a5017-103d-4850-b174-ddccbbbcb5bf

4)  Neoprene Jacket Guard


Looking for Something?

  • Specs, Maintenance & What's Included

APP controlled Automation. Remotely. 

Smart Safe & Soft Water.
Smart Home.
Smart Water Protection. 


6 Month Money Back... The SoftPro Advantage

Water Softener +
Whole House Carbon Filter +
Water Leak Protection

The Complete Smart Water Home. 

  • The ultimate filtered, soft water throughout your entire home.
  • Full-access & monitoring with smart phone App
  • Home Protection. Automatically Sense & Shut-off Leaks - Prevent/ reduce Water Damage
Drop Phone Holding.jpg__PID:6fcab0d9-efda-44d3-8e53-2aa5e380c1df

Note: This brine tank may be either rectangular or round shaped.


Start your new softener system with all 4 items... for FREE

1) Smart Home Network Hub

The Hub links up all of your DROP smart water devices and management. (Only 1 Hub per home is required.)

2) Remote Hub Extender & Quick Shut-Off Control

Extend the smart home+ home network throughout your home, Features a 1- touch on/ off control button.

Drop Leak Detector 2 units copy.png__PID:3abb1295-425f-4fb3-a803-e8f6785d942b

3) Two Remote Leak Detectors

Place under sinks and in water areas for early leak detection and auto water shut-off.

4) Neoprene Jacket Guard

Protect your investment with this tank jacket guard.

WIFI-Powered Smart Home+ Access

Monitor & Control From Anywhere

Globe Global.png__PID:8f0e5336-7d68-4c2a-b0ea-65ce504fcf70

Smart Phone App

Connecting You to Your Water

Apple App Store.png__PID:afbd6713-bffc-4504-abdd-b5230fc70c18Google Home.png__PID:31afbd67-13bf-4c15-84eb-ddb5230fc70c

Free Smart App for Apple, Android & Amazon Alexa devices.

Free subscription.

WIFI Enabled.

Drop App.gif__PID:7dca8cb3-0106-434b-8d01-fd9967b7699f

  Notification Center to Keep You Informed

The DROP App contains numerous notification alternatives to keep you notified.

Right from Leak Detections to Low Salt notifications, DROP assists you with all system incidents and elements.

They can be set up to push notifications, text messages, and emails.

Get Smart

The DROP® HUB Centralizes & Simplifies

Softpro -Drop Logo white tnsp.png__PID:6686c13e-0edd-49a6-87bc-38fc769b94f2


Smart Remote Water Management System

Monitor your water usage, data and history. Remote management control to monitor and adjust for water and salt conversation.

Save Salt, Water

Save up to 30% on salt and water usage as compared to traditional designs.

The Vortech™ distribution tank system provides incredible optimization.

Auto Leak Detection & Shut-Off

Protect your home.

Active monitoring to detect leaks and automatically shut-off the water.

Smart Phone App...
Complete Control 

No tiny buttons and small screens. Enjoy the luxury of complete control from your smart phone.

Remote Low-Salt Sensor

The DROP Salt Sensor notifies you to add salt before you run out, ensuring you always have soft water. 


Why SoftPro® Smart Home+ Stands Above The Crowd

Up to


Water Savings

Up to


Salt Savings

Up to


Operational Cost Savings

SoftPro Stands By Its Products

Lifetime Limited Warranty

We really like our products,
and are confident in the quality and build.
So why not offer a lifetime limited warranty*?

*Obviously, this is subject to coverage and general conditions. 

Warranty details


🆓 The Water Softener Is FREE. Here's Why...

👍 Water softeners can pay for itself within 3.5 years.

With up to $517+ in real annual saving, investing in soft water treatment "pays" you, year after year.

(Smart ROI also applies to investing in a quality home drinking water filtration system... see below!)

The combination of having both a high-efficient soft water & a quality home drink water filtration system will essentially pay you $1,000 in savings every year!

Water Damage is expensive

prevent water damage in your home

Every day


Daily Water Damage Emergencies

Water  Damages


Average $$$ Insurance Claim

Annual USA Costs


Water Damage Repairs $$$



of basements will experience water damage

Check!... Your home insurance may provide discounts for water damage prevention systems.

 Prevent Water Damage

Smart Leak Detection Monitoring


DROP™ Leak Detectors are unique appliances competent in examining even the smallest water drops wherever they are sighted.

When paired with SoftPro™ Smart Home+ Water Softeners and Water Filters, not only will you be informed of probable leaks, DROP will automatically turn off the water.

Up to 32 leak sensors can be paired to your DROP Water System protecting you from water deterioration.

The leak detectors will sync with your Smart Home+ Hub and/or Network Extrender.

  • Continuous advanced water leak and temperature monitoring.
  • Get leak alerts and system monitoring via SMS texts, emails, and/ or push app notifications.
  • Cordless operation. Simply uses 2 AA batteries for up to 5 years.

 Prevent Water Damage

Auto Shut-Off Water Leaks

Leak Detection App.jpg__PID:edb4fa1b-ecc8-4e41-a94a-8cd9ce411c99

Protect Mode is a unique feature initiated by DROP.

Protect Modes renews the original long flow notification and shut off settings.

The DROP technology maintains a track of how long your water is operating and takes effort based on the mode choice and the easy custom settings you have assigned for each model.

The three Protect Modes are:

1) 🏠  Home, 
2) ✈️ Away, and
3) 📅  Schedule. 

Drop Protect Mode.jpg__PID:6879edb4-fa1b-4cc8-8e41-e94a8cd9ce41

Non-weather related water damage is the second most common type of insurance claim for homeowners...

So common, in fact, that major insurance providers recommend installing water leak detection equipment in your home.

Installing a smart home water leak detection system is the most reliable way to get peace of mind that your home and valuable possessions will be protected from water events.

Professional Softener CONTROL VALVE

Soft Water... Simplicity & Connected

The SoftPro™ Smart Home+ Water Softener uses a patented piston technique that provides the capacity to turn off the water to the residence.

When paired with DROP Leak Detectors through the DROP Hub, this procedure gives all the advantages of a top-of-the-line water softener, home leak protection, and a water conservancy system in one.

Note: This brine tank may be rectangular or round shaped.

Drop's Mesh WIFI Network

Effortless Connectivity - The Drop Smart Home Hub (Included)

The SoftPro Smart Home+ Water Softener requires the function of the DROP Hub.

The hub is the connection to everything on the DROP Smart Water Management system.

It puts together all of the residential water appliances.

One of the most unique features of DROP technology is the use of its proprietary mesh WIFI network to communicate, update and learn from all of its individual connected products.

What does this mean exactly?
DROP builds its wireless system which transmits with all softener valves, leak detectors, and salt sensors.

If there is a leak or water has been running too long through the softener valve, the Hub will inform your system on your smartphone to send you a warning.

👍 Only one DROP WIFI Hub is needed to connect all DROP enabled products to your home network. 

Remote Salt Sensor Monitoring

Hands-Free Low Salt Sensor Notification (Included)

Drop Salt Sensor Tank.jpg__PID:d9efda74-d30e-432a-a5e3-80c1dfab1d13

Don't get caught with no salt...

Unique to this water softener, is the Low Salt Notification protecting you by informing when salt is needed for the brine tank.

Brine tank "peeking" is no longer needed.

  • Notifies you via push notification, text/ SMS message or email when it is time to add more salt
  • Can be added to any softener with a 3.5” or 4” brine well
  • Smart paddle designs provides the most accurate level indication on the market
  • 7” Paddle extender is also available
  • 1 Year Warranty


So Many Benefits with Soft Water

Smart Home+ Network Extender & Remote

Drop Quick-Connect Braided and Flex.jpg__PID:b0d9efda-74d3-4e53-aaa5-e380c1dfab1d
Drop Quick-Connect Braided and Flex.jpg__PID:b0d9efda-74d3-4e53-aaa5-e380c1dfab1d

Expand your wireless Smart Home+ water network throughout your home, while providing a quick and convenient power button.

Up to 8 Network Extender Remotes can be sync'd to provide your flexibility to work in most home.


Protect Your Investment. Reduce Condensation.

With your purchase today, we'll send you a neoprene jacket guard for free.

Yes, your complete softener system comes with a washable, removable neoprene jacket that makes it look spiffy. But there’s another great reason for the jacket.

Sometimes a water softener can create pooling at the base during the water treatment process.

This jacket insulates the tank and helps reduce condensation that can happen during regeneration.

It protects your tank in high humidity as well as cold temps, and it’s easy to remove and easy to wash. We wish all our jackets did so much.

***Only available while supplies last.

The Complete water filter + softener System

Elevate Your Drinking Water At Every Faucet 

Filter Out Toxic Chloramine, Chlorine, TDS, Fluoride & More!

The Integrated 
Whole House
Chlorine+ Filter


No More Drinking Pool Water!
The integrated SoftPro Smart Home+ Water Softener & Whole House Carbon Filter Removes Chlorine, Chloramines, Toxins, Heavy Metals and more!

Bottle water quality throughout your home. This filter removes it all... pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and much more.

It requires no regular maintenance, no water waste, and no electricity. Set it and forget it.

Filter Remove Toxin List Glass (4).png__PID:62b72a1b-97cb-441f-97c0-538b6993df6f
Whole House and RO Filter List.jpg__PID:0b469a1f-80d5-4f01-b57a-4b88255c6cbf

Danger:  increase in CHLORINE ADDITIVES

Stop Drinking Pool Water!

Many Americans are drinking up to 300 to 600 times above the EPA health guidelines of chlorine!

🛑 A necessary evil?... Today, more and more water companies are increasing their disinfectant dosage of chlorine. While it helps kill microbes and other waterborne issues, drinking chlorine, especially at high levels, is a real health concern.

Negative Chlorine Health Effects:

  • Tends to form Trihalomethanes (THMs); can lead to cancer, and other issues 
  • Eye & Nose Irritation
  • Stomach/ Gut Discomfort
  • Dry, itchy, flaking skin and dandruff

*** The SoftPro Whole House Filter
Removes Chlorine AND Chloramines! ***

Danger:  increase in Chloramine use

CHLORAMINE... Great at Killing organisms

Unfortunately, more and more water companies are turning to increase their chloramine usage as a disinfectant in your tap water.

Even with the EPA and CDC limits, you could experience some negative health effects.

Negative Chloramine Health Effects:

  • Respiratory problems & increased asthma risk from chloramine vapors.
  • Aggravated digestive disorders
  • Increase in pneumonia and other influenza-related death risk
  • Decrease in red blood cell efficiency
  • Dry, itchy, flaking skin and dandruff

*** The SoftPro Whole House Filter

Removes Chlorine AND Chloramines! ***

WIFI VS Bluetooth - Key Advantages 

WIFI design is superior to bluetooth

Wifi vs Bluetooth.jpg__PID:2c360cfa-6665-4d25-be42-e2f4fc8f2818

Drop Water Softener Contents

Drop Softener Contents.JPG__PID:0542c70e-2b4a-4951-82c7-86b4823c7530


Get Quality Water Today!
Buy now, and pay over time.

We have several financing options to make your investment in soft, clean water for your home and family easy.

Multiple option plans...