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Customer Testimonials

Kerry of Branson, MO - We live in a place with very hard water and a softener went to the top of the priority list for our home. Preserving our appliances is the number one reason why we got the softener. I was making repairs in the new home and my wife was trying to give my little daughter a bath and the handle just stripped off because of the hardness. Our appliances were deteriorating quickly and so, I knew I needed one. And also, back in my head, I always knew it started burning our bill because the water heater is filling up. Now, my appliances are better.

When I think of SoftPro, I think of quality and competitive pricing. It’s what keeps me calling on them. The sales agents met my expectations. My first purchase was back in 2014. We got a SoftPro Elite Basic 64,000, Water Softener. My friends also asked my help with buying softeners as they’re not the most technical about it. I got confused with the latest install so I had to called SoftPro Water and they were quick to answer and they also quickly gave materials that I could review that clarified things. During a phone call, they're

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Michael of Austin, TX - Our area is known for high contents of calcium so the water is very hard. We bought SoftPro Elite Basic. They had a reasonable price and I could do the work myself. I talked to the sales manager who answered a few questions I had about the product and she wanted to take my order over the phone but I said I'd do it online. I was actually surprised because I ordered the wrong thing and he proactively called and fixed it. I recommend SoftPro Water Systems. 

Mario of Goodyear, AZ - I moved from Connecticut to Arizona a year ago and the water here was terrible. We couldn't drink it and can't do anything, and when I spoke to some of the neighbors, they said they need to put up a water softener system in. So I did some research and ordered a SoftPro Elite Plus from SoftPro Water Systems online and installed it myself. The water is much softer now, it soaps up easier, and it doesn't leave water spots in the dishwasher when you're washing the dishes and he chlorine is gone, the water taste good now.
John of Pflugerville, TXI have owned a water softener in the last few homes that I built and I just moved so I had to get one for the new house. I did my own internet research and I found SoftPro Water Systems. I ordered a SoftPro Premiere water softener from them online and had it delivered. It has been easy and they had a great tool there for me to pick the size that I needed. I did all the plumbing and the electrical hookups and I was done in about two hours. It was a simple project for me.

The quality of our water was poor but one of the big drivers for this specific model was that it was considerably more efficient than previous softeners I’ve put in the past. I was also very impressed with the head that goes on top of the tank. I got better water since the installation. I don’t have spots all over the house, all over the appliances and everything else. That was in the big drivers I was shooting for. I’ve already sent two other people to them to get their water softener.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Steve of Park City, UTI had to get a replacement for our worn out water softener and I opted for SoftPro Water Systems. I did a little bit of online and offline research, and the neighborhood dealt with them also. I had a neighbor that had the product and showed me his and they had put it in. Then, I called SoftPro Water and we went through what I needed. And they walked me through the system there. I was looking for something that had quality and price, and something that’s reliable. I was skeptical of buying something online and doing it myself because it has to be the right product and especially, not buying something locally. And SoftPro convinced me that they would all work out fine so, I gave them a shot. I bought the product and installed it myself. Installation was easy and the product worked fine.

I also had good interaction with them. I only actually dealt with one person, I believe it was the owner. Whenever I had a question, I called them and they held my hand and walked me through it even though it. Every time I had a question. I am happy with my purchase. 

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Edward of Crestwood, KYThe area we live in has hard water. My friend told me about SoftPro Water Systems and he said that they had a good experience with them so I bought the water softener. I ordered the product online. It was very easy to navigate through their website. The quality of the product was very good and it was easy to install. The quality of the water has been good as well since we installed the system. It has been a great product, great service and a good experience. I would order from them again.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------David of Sacramento, CAI got SoftPro water softener and I like it. We have well water and that’s pretty hard so we use a softener. The prior one I had was old and I wanted a new and more efficient one so I looked through the internet and found SoftPro. I did the installation myself and it was very easy. I just followed the instructions. But I had a question for them and when I called the gentleman wasn’t there. He called me back when he came in. I’ve had it for a year now and no problems. I can tell that the water’s soft. It takes a lot less salt and it has a different feel between hard water. It’s a good product and it’s doing what I expected to do.

Gary D of Lake Havasu, AZ - I just wanted to say thank you for such a excellent product and service, my water softener has been working great for over 12 years now. I only had one issue after all these years, my water was not soft anymore. I called and spoke to Jeremy. Jeremy asked if i was using salt up and i said no not really. He had me break up the salt in my salt tank with a broom handle and regenerate the system that night. The next day my water was soft again.
Randy L of Pollock Pines, CAThank you for such a great product. My softpro water softener is working flawlessly. I love the features and how easy it was to set up. Very high quality in comparison to my old fleck water softener and so far i have used very little salt compared to before.
John T of Barberton, OH - Perfect purchasing & installation process for our new elite plus water softener.
Don C of Saint George, UT - The softpro elite basic water softener is an excellent product and your customer
support has been the “icing on the cake”. Your company’s response to my phone calls and e-mails has been exceptional….
Kristian M of Houston, TX -  You guys answered your phones and responded to my emails. Heather and Jeremy were extremely helpful. The Softpro water softener i purchased from you has been working great and has already saved me a lot in salt. Thank you so much for the great product and service.
Hank Heller of Parsippany, NJI bought a water softening system SoftPro Elite -32,000 from your company about 2 years ago. I would like you to know that I am very happy with my purchase.Heather was very helpful on the phone and because I am a very insecure handyman she promised to help me if I called with questions about installation.Well, Heather lived up to her promise. She was kind, knowledgeable and very patient with me. I think I had to call her and ask for assistance/explanation about 3-4 times. She did not disappoint me at any time.The plumber finished the installation and Heather helped me to program the unit. My wife and I are very happy with our purchase and I am writing to let you know that Heather did a wonderful job in suggesting the right product for us and in giving me the customer assistance that I really needed. I will be suggesting your company to my friends for their water softening needs.Please let Heather know of my respect and appreciation.
Richard Bell - Heather and Jeremy Where both very helpful in helping me choose a water softener for my needs. I have called and emailed with a few questions that they were more then willing and able to assist with me with, i highly recommend the company.
D D - Jeremy is an awesome person! He helped me out with a system that he didn’t even sell me!!! So that goes to show you the kind of support that they offer.
Chandan St. John - I have purchased and installed four water softeners from you over the past few years. You never know how good a company is until there is a problem, you guys helped me out and took care of my warranty issue quickly and I look forward to continuing our business relationship. I have a few more rental homes that will need water softeners in the future and i well be contacting you guys when i am ready.