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SoftPro® Commercial Pro Water Softener System

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Grain Capacity

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SOFTPRO® Commercial pro HE Series

Defining High Efficiency (HE). 

  • Industry Leading High-Efficiency (HE) Design
  • Proven Operating Savings
  • Next Generation Upflow Technology
  • Continuous 24/7 Soft Water Production
  • Up to 270,000 Grain Capacity
  • Financing/ Leasing Is Available


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  • HE Excel Series Water Softener
  • HE Uplflow+ Series Water Softener
  • Specs, What's Included & Warranty
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SOFTPRO® Commercial pro HE EXCEL Series

Quality, Performance & Trust

Commercial Applications

Nursing Home

Interstate Facility

Meat Processing

Food Facility

Assisted Living

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Optimum Softening Efficiency

Use 40-50% less salt and regeneration water compared to old designs.

During periods of high flow demand, tanks come on-line to add flow rate capacity.

During periods of low flow demand, tanks go off-line insuring optimal efficiency and product water quality.

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Lower Capital Cost & Increased Flexibility

Easily expandable and scalable.

Additional tanks can be added to increase the capacity of the system as needed resulting in a lower initial investment compared to larger single or duplex systems.

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Consistent High Quality Soft Water

Engineered to prevent “channelling” which older designs can cause hard water to leak through the bed during periods of low flow rates.

SoftPro® systems bring tanks on and off-line so that the flow rate through the tanks is always at optimal efficiencies.

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Simple Installation & Maintenance

Simple to install and maintain.

Technicians familiar with common residential products can easily install and service SoftPro® systems.

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High Quality Soft Water Insurance

Other products cannot detect low flow rates or any flow at all if there is a power outage.

SoftPro® systems can detect flow rates under 1 GPM and total flow during power outages for up to 9 hours insuring that all water being treated is accounted.

How to size a commercial water softener... and tips.

Commercial / Business Solutions

Which system does your company need?

Need Some Commercial Engineering Help?

Meet WISDOM...
WISDOM makes it simple.

30+ Types of business application calculations.

Car washes, resturants, schools, gyms, laundramats+, and more...

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  • Proprietary A.I. Algorithms for 30+ business types
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  • Commercial, Boilers & Cooling Tower Applications
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Why SoftPro Commercial is leading the way

Up to


Water Savings

Up to


Salt Savings

Up to


Operating Savings

*Savings based on car wash case study. Savings with other commercial applications may vary.

Progressive Flow Design

Smart Usage

Progressive Flow Design uses a series of smaller tanks to respond to the current water demands of a building, rather than one big tank sized to handle the peak flow rate.

High Flow Demands:
During periods of High Flow Demand, tanks come on-line to add flow rate capacity.

Low Flow Demands:
During periods of Low Flow Demand, tanks go off-line ensuring optimal efficiency and water quality.

SoftPro Commercial HE Excel Series

All systems are available in single, duplex, triplex, and quadplex operation.

8 Key Features - Click for details

SoftPro Commercial HE Upflow+ Series

7 Key Features - Click for details


2021 Commercial Water Softeners

How Do Top Commercial Water Softeners Stack Up?

Water treatment systems are essential to businesses... Let us help you make the right investment,

Check out the updated 2021 Commercial Water Softener Comparison Report:


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How Does SoftPro Commercial Stack Up

The latest designs by SoftPro Commercial has made tremendous strides into developing and building in high-efficiency features.

When compared to non-efficient designs, SoftPro Commercial systems will pay for itself over and over. It means less operating expenses and less upkeep.

 - Tip: - 
Start by use our Wisdom system to get recommended systems that will fit your needs. It's easy!


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