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SoftPro vs Kenmore: Performance, Efficiency, Features, Cost Comparison

By Craig Phillips January 03, 2024 0 comments

Living with hard water can be a frustrating battle. From scaly dishes to itchy skin, the mineral buildup in hard water takes a toll on your home and well-being. Fortunately, water softeners come to the rescue, transforming your harsh tap water into a soft, luxurious experience. But with so many options on the market, choosing the right water softener can feel overwhelming. This guide delves into the head-to-head battle between two popular brands, SoftPro and Kenmore, helping you navigate the key aspects of performance, efficiency, features, cost, and brand reputation to find the perfect champion for your hard water woes.

Head-to-Head Analysis

Choosing a water softener is akin to selecting a knight for your hard water crusade. Both SoftPro and Kenmore offer formidable options, but their strengths and weaknesses lie in different domains. Let's dive into the specifics:


Hard Water Efficiency

  • Grain Capacity: SoftPro boasts higher grain capacities across its models, meaning they can handle more hard water minerals before requiring regeneration. For heavily mineralized water, SoftPro's edge becomes evident. Kenmore offers a wider range of capacities, catering to diverse water hardness levels, but their top models still lag behind SoftPro's capacity champions.
  • Mineral Removal Efficacy: Independent testing reveals both brands perform well in removing common hard water minerals like calcium and magnesium. However, SoftPro's upflow technology showcases slightly better efficiency in removing iron, a particularly troublesome mineral for some households.

Flow Rate

  • Flow Rate: Kenmore generally wins the flow rate race, delivering water faster in most models. This can be crucial for homes with high water usage needs. However, SoftPro's upflow technology compensates for its slightly slower flow by ensuring even distribution of water through the mineral bed, potentially leading to longer lifespan and better performance over time.
  • Regeneration Cycles: SoftPro's advanced control valve optimizes regeneration frequency based on your water usage, potentially leading to less frequent cycles and water savings compared to Kenmore's standard timer-based regeneration.


Hard water isn't just hard on your skin; it's also hard on your wallet. Water and salt are the fuel for a water softener's battle against minerals, and choosing the efficient champion can mean significant savings in the long run.

Water Conservation

  • Water Usage Comparison: SoftPro takes the lead here, thanks to its upflow technology and Precision Brining system. Upflow uses less water during regeneration, and Precision Brining optimizes the amount of salt brine used, minimizing water waste. Kenmore, while not as efficient, still offers models with features like delayed regeneration to cut down on unnecessary cycles.
  • Smart Clean Technology: SoftPro's Smart Clean feature takes efficiency a step further. If your water softener hasn't been used for 7 days, it automatically performs a short "refresh" cycle to prevent bacteria growth without a full regeneration, saving water and salt.

Salt Consumption

  • Salt Consumption Comparison: Similar to water usage, SoftPro's efficiency shines through when it comes to salt. Precision Brining and optimized regeneration cycles translate to less salt used compared to most Kenmore models. Over time, these savings can add up significantly.
  • Brine Tank Management: Both brands offer brine tank level indicators, but SoftPro goes a step further with its Soft Water Brine Tank Refill feature. This allows you to top up the tank with treated soft water instead of raw hard water, potentially extending the lifespan of the resin and reducing the need for frequent salt additions.


Beyond raw performance and efficiency, water softeners nowadays come equipped with a range of features that enhance convenience, customization, and peace of mind. Let's see how SoftPro and Kenmore fare in this battle of technological bells and whistles:


  • Advanced Control Valves: SoftPro's advanced control valve boasts features like adaptive learning and leak detection, offering superior control over regeneration cycles and potential early warning of water leaks. Kenmore's standard valves, while reliable, lack the sophisticated capabilities of SoftPro's technology.
  • Customization Options: Both brands offer some level of customization, allowing you to adjust regeneration settings and schedules. However, SoftPro's control valve provides more granular control, enabling you to fine-tune settings for optimal performance and efficiency based on your specific water usage patterns.


  • Ease of Installation: Kenmore generally scores higher in DIY friendliness, with simpler installation instructions and readily available online resources. SoftPro, while requiring slightly more technical expertise, offers professional installation options for added peace of mind.
  • Mobile App Control: Both brands offer mobile app control for select models, allowing you to monitor water usage, adjust settings, and initiate regeneration cycles remotely. However, SoftPro's app boasts a more user-friendly interface and additional features like leak alerts and maintenance reminders.
  • Warranty Coverage: Both brands offer standard warranties on their softeners, but SoftPro provides extended warranty options for additional peace of mind. Additionally, some SoftPro models come with lifetime warranties on certain components, showcasing their confidence in build quality and durability.


Choosing a water softener isn't just about performance and features; it's also about investing in your long-term comfort and wallet health. Let's break down the financial implications of each brand:

Upfront Investment

  • Price Comparison: Generally, SoftPro models sit at a higher initial price point than Kenmore equivalents with similar capacities. This premium reflects the advanced technology, efficiency features, and extended warranties offered by SoftPro. Kenmore's lower initial cost might be attractive for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Financing Options: Both brands offer financing options through retailers or their websites, making the upfront investment more manageable. Consider the interest rates and repayment terms when comparing financing options.
  • ROI Considerations: While SoftPro's higher initial cost might seem daunting, its efficiency features like water and salt savings can lead to significant cost reductions over time. Analyzing the potential return on investment based on your water hardness and water usage can help you decide if the upfront cost is justified.

Ongoing Expenses

  • Water and Salt Costs: SoftPro's efficiency shines again in the ongoing expense arena. Lower water and salt consumption translate to smaller monthly bills compared to Kenmore, especially in areas with high water costs or mineral-laden water.
  • Maintenance Requirements: Both brands require periodic maintenance like filter replacements and resin cleaning. However, SoftPro's features like Smart Clean and Soft Water Brine Tank Refill can potentially extend the lifespan of certain components, leading to fewer maintenance costs down the line.
  • Lifetime Value: When considering the total cost of ownership, including upfront cost, ongoing expenses, and potential lifespan, SoftPro can be a more cost-effective choice in the long run, especially for areas with high water hardness or heavy water usage.

Brand Reputation

Beyond the technical specs and price tags, brand reputation can be a decisive factor in choosing a water softener. It's about trusting the company to deliver on its promises, provide reliable support, and stand behind its products. Let's see how SoftPro and Kenmore fare in this ring of trust:

Established Authority

  • Kenmore's Legacy: Kenmore boasts a long and established history in the appliance market, synonymous with reliability and quality. Generations of homeowners have trusted Kenmore products, and their water softeners benefit from this brand recognition.
  • SoftPro's Rising Star: While a younger brand, SoftPro has carved a niche for itself in the water softener market with its focus on innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Positive reviews and independent testing results are building a strong reputation for reliability and performance.

Reliability and Support

  • Warranty Claims and Service Response: Both brands offer warranties on their water softeners, with Kenmore's warranty network having a wider reach due to its established presence. However, several customer reviews praise SoftPro's efficient and responsive warranty claim process and service technicians' expertise.
  • Customer Reviews and Ratings: Independent review websites and online forums reveal generally positive sentiment for both brands. SoftPro tends to receive higher ratings for features, efficiency, and customer service, while Kenmore scores well for ease of installation and affordability.
  • Community Engagement and Resources: SoftPro maintains an active online community and provides comprehensive FAQs, video tutorials, and detailed user manuals. Kenmore, while having a wider online presence, offers less brand-specific support resources for their water softeners.



Choosing Your Water Softener

The battle between SoftPro and Kenmore presents a range of strengths and weaknesses, leaving you at the precipice of a crucial decision. Choosing the right champion for your water softener quest requires careful consideration of your priorities, values, and budget. Here's a roadmap to guide you:

Prioritizing Your Needs

  • Performance Powerhouse: If conquering the hardest water and maximizing efficiency are paramount, SoftPro's advanced technology and efficiency features might be your best bet.
  • Budget-Conscious Contender: For those prioritizing upfront affordability and DIY friendliness, Kenmore's lower price point and simpler installation might be the winning factor.
  • Feature Fanatic: If cutting-edge technology, mobile app control, and extended warranties entice you, SoftPro's feature-rich models could be the answer.
  • Convenience Crusader: If ease of installation and readily available support are key concerns, Kenmore's wider service network and straightforward installation might tip the scales.

Aligning Your Values

  • Innovation Champion: If supporting a rising brand prioritizing innovation and efficiency resonates with you, SoftPro could align with your values.
  • Established Legacy: Trusting a brand with a proven track record of reliability and customer satisfaction like Kenmore might be your guiding principle.
  • Sustainability Advocate: SoftPro's water and salt-saving features might appeal to your environmental consciousness.
  • Community Connection: If valuing brand engagement and access to a dedicated online community is important, SoftPro's active community might resonate with you.

Seeking Expert Advice

  • Plumbers and Water Treatment Specialists: Consulting professionals familiar with both brands can provide valuable insights into performance, installation complexity, and ongoing maintenance needs.
  • Consumer Reports and Independent Reviews: Unbiased assessments from consumer report organizations and independent reviewers can offer objective comparisons and user experiences.
  • Online Forums and Social Media Groups: Engaging with water softener communities online can expose you to real-world experiences, troubleshooting tips, and valuable recommendations from other users.

Remember: There's no one-size-fits-all champion in the SoftPro vs. Kenmore battle. The ideal choice lies in aligning your priorities, values, and budget with the strengths and weaknesses each brand offers. By carefully considering your needs, researching options, and seeking expert advice, you'll be well-equipped to conquer the hard water beast and experience the blissful comfort of soft water in your home.

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